Site privacy policy

The Israel Postal Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) respects the privacy of the Site users that it manages and operates (hereinafter referred to as “the Israel Post Site” or “the Site”) and complies with the Privacy Policy Convention of the Privacy Protection Council. Further to the Company’s decision to publish the Privacy Policy relating to the protection of privacy on the Site, it commits to the user to comply with this policy.


This Privacy Policy is formulated in the masculine form for convenience only, however, is intended for both men and women. The purpose of the policy is to explain the Company's procedures regarding the user’s privacy and how the Company uses the information provided to it by the Site users or collected by it when using the Site.


Some of the services of the Israel Post Site require registration. As part of the registration, only personal information is required such as your name, your address, your phone number, your email address or your credit card information. This information is provided by you, knowingly, at the time of registration for the Site or the services provided by it and/or through it. The mandatory fields are explicitly marked fields where you must enter information. It should be clarified that you are under no legal obligation to provide such information, however, without the information in the mandatory fields, you will not be able to register for services requiring registration.


When using the Site, information may be collected about your habits, preferences, products and services you purchased, information or advertisements you read in the Site, pages you visited, offers and services you were interested in, means of payment you used, the location of the computer from which you accessed the Company’s Site, etc. The Israel Postal Company stores the information in its database. The use of this information, as well as the information provided during the registration process for the various services of the Israel Postal Company will only comply with the law and this Privacy Policy. The information transmitted by it and the information collected about you while using the Israel Post Site, including personal information, will be stored in the Company’s database. By using the services of the Israel Post Site, you accept that your information may be stored in the Company’s database.  This information shall be used in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or any other legal provision – for the purposes described below:


  • Allow you to use the services offered by the Company and/or anyone on its behalf in the Israel Post Site;
  • Allow and enrich the services provided by the Company and/or anyone on its behalf, including the creation of new services and contents which meet the user’s requirements, the modification or cancellation of existing services and contents;
  • Send you updates, notifications and additional information related to the services offered by the Company, subject to any legal provision;
  • Analyze, control and provide any statistical information to third parties. This information will not personally identify you;
  • For the proper operation of the Israel Post Site, including support and claims or requests processing;
  • Manage Israel Post Site failures and/or services provided by it;
  • Enforce the terms of use, to comply with any requirement of law, regulation or legislation, and to assist competent authorities and third parties, when the Company believes in good faith to do so;
  • In case of dispute or legal proceedings between you and the Company or you and other users of services;
  • In case the Company is required to provide the information by law enforcement authorities;
  • For any other purpose, described in this Privacy Policy or terms of use relevant to each service.  



The Israel Postal Company will not provide your personal information to third parties and the information collected about your activities in the Site, if these data and information identify you personally, except in the following cases:

  • If the Company is required by law to provide your data or information about you to third parties, or if the Company receives a court order instructing it to provide your data or the aforesaid information about you.
  • When you purchase products and services from trade and content partners of the Israel Postal Company, or when you participate in third parties’ content related activities, or joint activities of the Company and third parties displayed in the Israel Post Site. In these cases, the required information will be provided to these partners to complete the purchase process, manage the relevant content related activities and maintain contact with you.
  • In the event of a breach and/or an attempted breach by you of the terms of use of the Company’s Site and/or any of the services offered by it, or in the way it will operate the Company’s Site and/or in connection with it and its activity against the law.
  • Any dispute, claim, complaint, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the Company.
  • In any case where the Company believes that providing the information is necessary to prevent significant damage to you or any other party.



If the Israel Postal Company organizes its activities or the Site’s activity under another company or corporation – as well as in case of a merger with another body or if the Site’s activity is merged with a third party’s activity – it shall be entitled to transfer to the new company or corporation a copy of the information collected about you in the Site or any statistical information it holds, provided that the aforesaid company or corporation undertakes the provisions of this Privacy Policy.  


The Site of the Israel Postal Company uses Cookies for the current and proper operation, including statistical data collection about the use of the Site, authentication of data, customization of the Site to your personal preferences and security of information.


Cookies are text files created by your browser on command by the Israel Post Site. Some cookies expire when you close the browser while others are stored on your computer’s hard drive. For example, if you use the operating system “Windows” and a browser like Internet Explorer from Microsoft, you may find them in the library c\:windows\cookies and in c:\windows\Temporary Internet Files.   


Cookies contain information such as the pages you visited, the browsing location and the time you spent on the Site, the information you want to see when you access the Site, etc.  Cookies are also used to avoid the necessity of entering your information each time you visit a section of the Israel Post Site requiring registration. The Company takes precautionary measures to ensure that only its servers may read and understand the information stored in them.


If you don’t want the “cookies” to be used on your computer, you may prevent it by modifying the settings in your browser. To do so, please consult the help file of the browser Please note, however, that disabling the cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features of the Israel Post Site and even other Sites.


Moreover, you can delete the Cookies on your computer at any time. We suggest that you do that only if you are sure that you don’t want the Site to be customized to your preferences. Since cookies sometimes prevent you from entering user names and passwords, don’t delete them unless you are sure that you have already entered all the information necessary for the use of the Site in a secure location.


Some of the services of the Company’s Site, for example the Registrar of Companies’ service or government ministries, are managed by trade and content partners of the Company. These services are displayed via the computers of such partners and not from the computer of the Israel Postal Company. While using these services, you may be asked to provide personal information or information may be collected about you. The use of this information is subject to the Privacy Policy of these services’ managers and not the Privacy Policy of the Israel Postal Company and it is therefore advisable that you also review the documents related to their privacy policy.


The Israel Postal Company allows some companies to manage the system for displaying advertisements in the Site and/or uses other companies’ systems such as Sekindo. The ads you see when you visit the Israel Post Site come from the accounts of such companies and their publishing clients. In order to manage advertisements, these companies place Cookies in your computer and incorporate Web beacons in the ads or in the Site’s pages. Beacons are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier which are incorporated in the Internet pages and their function is to help gather information about the viewing and the use of the Site. The information collected does not identify you, but only requires matching the ads displayed before you and the topics you were interested in. The use of Cookies and Web beacons by these companies is subject to their privacy policies and not to the Privacy Policy of the Israel Postal Company.  


The Israel Postal Company implements procedures and systems in the Site to secure the information. These systems and procedures reduce the risks of penetration and/or exposure of unauthorized information, but they are not absolutely guaranteed. Therefore, the Israel Postal Company does not guarantee that the services of the Site will be totally safe against an unauthorized access to information stored in them.


Under clause 13 of the Privacy Protection Law of 1981, everyone is entitled to view by himself/herself, or via his/her representative authorized in writing or by a guardian, the information about him/her stored in the database. Any person who viewed the information about him/her and found that it was incorrect, incomplete, unclear and not up-to-date, is entitled to contact the owner of the database and request the correction of the information or its removal. If the owner of the database rejects this request, he/she must inform the requester by ways and means provided for by regulations. Upon refusal of the database owner to allow the viewing and notification of refusal to amend or delete the information, the requester is entitled to appeal before the magistrates’ court by ways and means provided for by regulations.


The Israel Postal Company is entitled to amend, from time to time, the provisions of the Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes to the clauses or provisions concerning the use of the personal information provided by you, a notification will be posted in the Site’s home pages.


If you believe that your privacy has been violated by any third party while using the Israel Post Site, please contact the Company via email to:

You may send any request, comment, question or claim to the Company via email to: